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Pediatric dentist mainly focuses on infants, children, and upon teenagers. Children need a special care so the pediatric dentist is with additional training after dental school to carry out infant examination. Although the general dentist is also capable of addressing children but pediatric dentist attitude of handling children and office decor to comfort and relax children like home environment is preferable.

Since the pediatric dentist has wide range approach to handle children dental need as every child is different and recommendation of child based health history, types of treatment required, dental need, consequences of no treatment, special health history, intellectual and emotional development and dental preferences.

As many parents wait to begin dental visit until their child is four or five but the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises parent to start making dental visit before the two year molar appear and also if oral checkup is accustomed in early age then the child will not surprise when time comes and think it as routine and compulsory.

The Importance of Pediatric Dental Care

Dental phobia is often rooted in childhood, so to feel the child feel comfortable, safe, and trusting of the dentist from the outset. Pediatric dentistry office are made colorful and child friendly.

Pediatric Dentist addresses Different forms of oral care:

Dental cleaning: The dentist will check thoroughly child's teeth to remove plaque and calculus which causes cavities and gum disease then dental cleaning is being done and fluoride is applied to strengthen it.

Cavities: Cavities mainly cause due to sugar content food and drinks and children are more addicted to it due to that bacterium inside the mouth produces acid that damage enamel and causes a cavity. If the cavity is identified in the early stage it can be treated by filling procedure.

Extraction: As the children are unable to express their oral health and if the parents are unaware of a child struggling with oral health problem over time likely to suffer dental decay and infection and become severe and may even need the extraction of the tooth.

Sealant: It is the thin plastic sealing coated on the outer, inner and chewing surface to prevent decaying of the tooth. Sealant last for a longer time if it has the proper maintenance and dentist will examine in every dental check-up for the sealants are intact.

Space Maintainer: When the primary tooth is permanently lost are extracted, space is maintained for emerging permanent tooth. The space maintainer is used to maintain the space until the tooth erupts and occupy the space.

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